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Workout Tips For Busy Moms

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Mothers (and dads) have the hardest job in the world and receive the smallest amount of credit for that particular task. They give up personal time to ensure the family is well taken care of and their needs are met. Many moms work outside the home besides doing tasks around the house and being a mother. That leaves little spare time to attend to their own needs. The problem is, if Mom's health needs and fitness needs aren't met, she can't continue to do the work because the energy just won't be there. Here are some workout tips for busy moms.

You count! You're important! Never forget that!

Moms tend to feel guilty when using time for anything for themselves, including fitness. It's not selfish to workout regularly. In fact, quite the opposite. It's selfish not to take care of yourself. If you're sick, who will take care of the family AND you? When you workout regularly, you build endurance and can get tasks completed much faster. That leaves more time in your schedule.

Find quick effective workouts.

We provide workouts that only take 35 minutes of time, yet provide an hour of benefit. That's a time saving bargain. Kettlebells are probably the most efficient total body exercise, plus they are amazing calorie burning routines to help you shed pounds faster. There's no "law" that says you have to workout an hour to get maximum benefit, especially if you choose your exercise method wisely. You'll save time and get quick results when you know the most efficient exercises to do.

Take a class and use what you've learned at home.

Maybe you can't always attend the sessions at the gym, but you might be able to make it a special project for one boot camp, learning the routines and movements then using them at home when the boot camp ends. In fact, one mother attended boot camp and worked out with her kids at home, turning their basement into her next boot camp location. The kids actually loved it and they got to spend time together getting healthy.

- Get up a little earlier to exercise before the family gets up. It's tough, but you can pack a lot into a short time if you know the right workouts. It also boosts your metabolism for the day.

- Check your schedule to see if there's wasted time or an activity that isn't necessary in your day. Sometimes we continue something out of habit, even though we've outgrown it or no longer enjoy it. This time could be used for exercising.

- Assign chores to family members. While you'll hear a lot of yowling about doing chores, it not only will relieve some of your time crunch, it will help make the kids more independent, makes them an important part of the family and teaches responsibility. It shouldn't all fall on your shoulders.

- Don't forget to include good nutrition for both you and the family. If your lunch is a candy bar from the office snack machine or a donut you eat on the run, it's time to change up and feed your body right.

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