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Why Strength Training Should Be Part Of Your Workout

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For many people, taking a daily walk, jog or run is what they consider a workout, but it's not enough. You need all forms of exercise to be truly fit. There are good reasons why strength training should be part of your workout, besides the fact that it helps maintain muscle strength. Both men and women need it. In the past, women believed that it made them bulk up, like a female Hulk. Today, most women realize that their physiology just doesn't allow that to happen. Instead, they build sinewy, sexy muscles.

Lose weight by lifting weights.

That's right, strength training is exceptionally good for weight loss. It increases the amount of calories burned, plus does one more important thing...it builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so effectively, you'll be boosting your metabolism and burn more calories around the clock when you increase your muscle tissue. When you consider that a pound of fat only burns about 3 to 5 calories in a day when you're resting, while a pound of muscle tissue burns between 35 and 50 calories a day, just converting five pounds of fat to muscle, you could lose a pound in about 15 days without even changing your diet. Imagine how it would help you if you did add a healthy diet to the mix.

As you age, loss of muscle mass means more than just flabby arms.

If you're buying smaller containers of food, detergent or pet products, simply because you can't carry the big ones, you probably already are suffering from loss of muscle mass. Not only will building muscles save you money---yes, buy the big economy size---but it also will sculpt your entire body. Losing muscle mass also means bone loss. Bone loss and ultimately osteoporosis, starts in your 30s and continues the rest of your life. At 40, it picks up speed, that is unless you stop it with weight training. Studies show weight training can significantly reduce bone loss and even reverse it.

Strength training helps prevent injury.

The stronger you are, the more improved your balance and the less likely you'll have a fall. As you build muscle tissue, you also build your resistance to injury. Strains and sprains are less likely to occur and you probably won't have as many back problems or aches and pains from doing simple tasks. I read a story about a personal trainer that became a trainer after having a bad accident that left him incapacitated from a back injury. He not only got his strength back, he also helped ease and eventually eliminate back pain with strength and flexibility training.

  • Just like all types of fitness training, strength training boosts your immune system and can reduce the risk of serious conditions, such as diabetes, heart attack and high blood pressure.
  • Strength training can be fun. Have you ever considered working out with kettlebells?
  • No matter how old you are, you can improve your muscle mass with strength training. In fact, strength training can help older people live on their own longer.
  • When you build muscle tissue, it affects all parts of the body. It builds strength in muscles you might not expect...and even improves bladder control.

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