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Ways To Help And Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

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Getting the diagnosis of type2 diabetes can be scary, but often leads the person to ways to a healthier lifestyle. You don't have to spend the rest of your life taking insulin, in many cases. There are foods you can eat and ways to help and reverse type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is becoming increasingly common and part of the reason is the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. However, it can cause so many health issues, it should be a huge wakeup call to change your habits.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, lack of insulin production isn't the problem, insulin resistance is.

Your body produces the hormone leptin in your fat cells. Leptin regulates the appetite and your weight. It's the hormone that signals the brain that you're hungry and how much food to eat. It also tells the brain how to use the energy already available. It's most responsible for insulin resistance, which is the cause of type 2 diabetes. Insulin directs where the excess energy goes. It's not meant to lower the blood sugar levels, but that does happen when it redirects the sugar. If you consume too much sugar, there's an insulin surge, over time with too much exposure of insulin, the body quits responding to it and becomes insulin resistant. The more insulin you take or produce, the worse the problem becomes.

If taking insulin actually exacerbates the problem, what's the alternative?

Modifying your diet is of utmost importance in controlling type 2 diabetes. Simply eating what you want, including sugar, then trying to modify the effect by taking insulin may be as dangerous as the diabetes itself. When you consider that one sugary drink each day increases your risk for diabetes by 25 percent, you can start to understand how important healthy eating becomes. Look for hidden sugar in your diet and eliminate fructose. Processed foods are often loaded with sugar and fructose. Avoiding fruit until you have the issue under control can help. Avoiding grains and sugar and replacing it with protein and vegetable-only carbohydrates. Saturated fat from organic sources, such as grass fed beef, avocados and coconut oil should e added to the diet. Boosting Omega-3 fatty acid is important, according to newer research. " cholesterol, you're still actually lowering your risk of heart disease.

Start a program of regular exercise.

Exercise is another important element of controlling diabetes. Man was not created to sit at a computer all day and it shows in the high rate of obesity and diseases. You'll get almost immediate results from a program of regular exercise, plus many long term benefits too. HIIT---high intensity interval training is good. With these "burst" types of exercises, you'll spend less time in the gym. Even though it's extremely healthy, start slowly. Your personal trainer can help you with a program perfect for your needs.

  • Get out in the sun. Exposure to the sun without sun block, promotes the production of vitamin D. Use good sense when doing this by taking precautions to build the amount of exposure time safely.
  • Remember, treating the cause of the diabetes is the most important thing you can do. Treating the symptoms, high blood sugar, only leads to further problems down the road.
  • Not only does exercise work quickly to help you control diabetes, it only takes one session to aid in reducing blood sugar spikes and aid in regulating glucose.
  • Tracking your progress with the condition when dietary changes and activity levels change can give you the motivation to continue a program of regular exercise and healthy eating.

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