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Tricks To Stay Motivated

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The reason many people fail to get fit is that they don't stick with the program long enough to see results. They don't see change immediately and tend to give up right before they come. The same is true about losing weight. Finding ways to stay on track is often the first line of attack to prevent this. Here are some tricks to stay motivated until you can get the results you want.

Set small goals that lead to your big goal.

Losing ten pounds takes time, just like losing inches does. Make goals that are more quickly achieved to keep you going to the gym and sticking with your healthy eating. Goals that are quicker to reach and don't involve taking weight off or building muscle can be rewarding until you reach your other larger goals, like wearing pants a size smaller. Set a goal to double the amount of reps you do or do a HIIT workout faster. You can accomplish this, while not easily, but more quickly than you would shed ten pounds.

Create a regular workout time.

When you do an activity at a specific time, it becomes a habit and you miss it when you're not doing it. You also don't have to try to fit the workout in, it's always on the list first. There's often not time left at the end of the day to wedge in a workout and soon, your workout goes to the wayside and you're back to square one. Putting on your schedule first makes it an important appointment that you NEED to keep.

Alternate your gym time with fun activities.

Exercise doesn't always have to be in the gym. You can hike, play with the kids, rock climb dance or do other fun things. The best part is that you know those days at the gym make it possible to enjoy the time even more. Try bicycling to a friend's house or take up inline skating. It's all fun and all great exercise. Consider a self-defense or martial arts class to really go outside the box.

  • Workout with friends or get a workout buddy. When you're exercising with others, it not only requires a specific time scheduled, it keeps you accountable. If you don't go, they know. It's also far more fun than just working out alone.
  • Use the services of a personal trainer. Not only do trainers hold you accountable and get results faster, it costs you to miss a workout, so you'll be more apt to show up.
  • Have a backup plan. When going to the gym becomes too difficult, which will happen on super hairy days, have equipment at home and a plan of action to take that ensures you get your workout for the day.
  • Create a reward system. Give yourself something special if you don't miss a session in a month. Make it something you'd never buy for yourself or a luxury like a day at the spa, that's a real treat.

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