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3 Rules For Fat Loss

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There's a saying in fitness...

“everything works for 6 weeks.”

Basically anything you do will get you some kind of result for the first 6 weeks. After that your workouts need to be put together more intelligently to keep progressing and prevent plateaus or regression.

It's the same for nutrition...

Follow any of the popular diets or nutrition programs out there and it will probably work...

...for about 6 weeks.

Once the novelty wears off, monotony sets in, and your best friend falls off the wagon you'll be running for your hidden stash of family size peanut butter M&M's...

...Let the Netflix binge ritual begin...

Go Pee  *check*

Do Happy Dance *check*

Claim The Corner of Couch  *check*

Grab Comfy Blanket *check*

Pour Wine  *check*

Grab Popcorn  *check*

3 Hours and 1500 calories later you're back on the expressway headed home to 123 Imafailure rd.

The more complex you make your nutrition the less likely you are too stick to it.


I've witnessed a weird phenomenon...

91.6%  of people who want to lose weight request meal plans. I've never understood this but I see it...

All. The. Time.

Taking someone from eating McDonald's and Burger King 7 days a week to 6oz. of Salmon and a cup of roasted vegetables at 11am is asinine.

It's like taking someone who's never played poker before and telling them to go all in with everything they've got on the first hand...

Not a smart move...

I've classified and ranked the 4 common types of nutrition strategies (The 4 R's). Chances are you've tried them all except the one most likely to bring you success...

...Longer than 6 weeks...



If the nutrition strategy you're following requires you to hit targets ie 2 cups of vegetables at each meal or hit macros each day, your diet is based on requirements. This isn't a bad strategy. It definitely works. It's just that most people can't keep it up or do it accurately at all. The benefit is it still allows you to eat the food you want as long as it fits in your macronutrients goals. So if you're allowed 100g of carbohydrates and you have 2 slices of bread you only have 60g of carbs left for the day. Like I said, not a bad way to go, but most people have poor eating strategies and convenience eating is one of the major reasons why. Anything that has you doing math and research every time you put something in your mouth is not exactly convenient, therefore not likely to be adhered to...



I rate restrictive diets higher only because they're easier to stick to for a little longer, unfortunately most popular restrictive diets actually cause metabolic damage long term. The ketogenic diet would be one that I'd consider good, but most people do it wrong and just cut all carbs. They'll lose weight but don't see the benefits. They end up doing damage to their metabolism and falling off the wagon in a place worse than where they started.

We've had several people come to UA who after following some 6 week challenge or elimination diet, were so weak, tired, and deficient that they actually showed up with their hair falling out...

Why? Because they were told to eliminate all protein!



If you're trying to lose weight for the first time and you've got a coach or reliable accountability partner ritual strategies can be a great way to go. An example here would be your classic food journal. If you know you have to write it down you're less likely to eat it. If you know someone else is looking at it, you'll be less likely to eat it. It's that simple. Another example of rituals would be the weight watchers points system. You can still pretty much each what you want, you just need to track your points. I'd classify weight watchers under rituals because what makes it successful is the ritual of checking in and going to meetings, not the actual tracking of the points.



For most personality types to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health, a nutrition strategy based on a set of self created rules is the best way to go. By using self determination theory to create autonomy and intrinsic motivation, long term success is actually likely. If done right, creating a set of rules to guide your nutrition will result in long term success for all personality types...

Obligers, upholders, questioners, and even rebels.

If you've read my article on the 4 types then you know there needs to be one addition to rule setting for rebels. If you're a rebel you MUST link your rules to your beliefs or values.

For example, a rule I might create would be to eat a nutritious breakfast every morning with my kids BECAUSE I believe I'm a good dad.

AKA If I don't eat a nutritious breakfast with my kids I'm not being a good dad...

Who's got two thumbs and not gonna f' that one up?

>>This Guy!<<

When I coach anyone on nutrition I suggest 3 simple rules to start.

I'm going to share them with you too...

Follow them and I can guarantee you'll be full of energy, losing weight, and feeling healthier than you have in years.

Want My 3 Simple And Never Fail Rules?

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