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It's Time To Love Being Healthy

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Are you spending your time working out at the gym, dreaming about the foods you can no longer eat or just counting the minutes until you're finished. If you are, you're doing something wrong. Getting healthy shouldn't be a punishment for past transgressions. You should love being healthy. You can do it by making just a few changes that will bring a whole new attitude toward a healthy lifestyle.

Don't go it alone.

When you're trying to make changes in your life, you need support. Who understands better than someone else who is doing the same? Don't just go from machine to machine at a box gym. Instead, join a glass or sign up for group workouts. You'll find other people struggling with the same goals in mind and not only does misery love company, company turns misery into fun! If you have a close friend who also might consider changing their lifestyle, talk them into going with you and make it your time together.

Change your mind.

Life is all about how you look at it and so is living healthy. You can dread going to the gym and hate healthy food or change your mind. Look for fun workouts and activities that you enjoy. Just moving more is the first step, whether it's taking a hike, bicycling or having fun at a hip hop dancercize. Even traditional workouts can be fun. Work out your hardest and you'll boost your endorphins. Start to identify how much control your getting on even smaller muscles. Notice how great you start to feel and how much easier the workout becomes each time. Before you know you'll be addicted to that feeling and look forward to each visit at the gym. Enjoy feeling the power of controlling your own destiny.

Make it a challenge to learn to cook your favorite foods, but making them healthier in the process.

After a few weeks of eating healthy, your tastes will probably change. Until then, you can work on conquering healthy recipes or finding ways to make your favorite dish healthier. You might not be able to translate all food favs into healthy options, but it's rewarding when you find a way to do one or two. Sneak in healthy foods, disguised as yummy dishes, to family get-togethers and smile when you receive those compliments. You can tell the family how healthy they are when the meal is over.

  • Include other activities besides a gym. When you first started out, you may have just walked a few blocks for extra exercise. It's time to get back to basics and do things you love. Go dancing, rock climbing, hiking or biking to supplement the time at the gym.
  • Work in a cheat food or two during the week. Schedule it in, so you're really not cheating. A sliver of cake after visiting in-laws or a half a donut after Monday morning meeting can be part of your program.
  • Do it your way. Just because the latest craze is a protein shake with wheat grass, doesn't mean you like it. Choose healthy options in exercise and food that appeal to you.
  • Don't forget to hydrate. The next time you're running short on energy, try a bottle of water. You'll be amazed at how your body perks up and is ready to go. Thirst often disguises itself as hunger, so this trick also helps to curb your appetite. Remember, you'll look better the more hydrated you are.

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