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Find Your Workout Buddy

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If you struggle with getting started or sticking with your exercise program, you need to find your workout buddy who will hold you accountable for those gym visits and make working out a lot more enjoyable. Not only can a buddy help you stick with it, they can also help you during the exercise by identifying form problems or being a spotter when lifting. There are many ways to find a workout buddy, the easiest is to find a like-minded friend and go with them.

Group training can be a quick way to find a workout buddy.

Group training automatically provides a group of like-minded people doing the same exercise or similar one. If you're working with a personal trainer, your goals may be different from your workout buddy, but the need to have a compadre that understands what you're going through isn't. In fact, workout buddies are often of different levels of fitness. One often helps the other and by doing that, gets more resolve to stick with the program.

Use an app or website to find a workout buddy.

FindanExercisePartner.com, Meetup.com and Zogsports.com are all sites that can help you find someone that's interested in exercising. You have to match up your interest, whether it's gym partner, tennis partner, running partner...etc. The more specific you are with your interest, the better the match will be. It may feel a little awkward at first, but it works and evidence of that is that these types of sites and apps are becoming more popular.

Scope out the gym.

Look for someone that looks as lost as you are and strike up a conversation or just tell them you're looking for someone to exercise with to keep you more focused on coming to the gym. There's a big chance that they'll love the idea, too, particularly if they're a newbie to workouts. For those more seasoned, look for someone that's closer to your fitness level. Most people like the idea of breaking up the monotony of working out alone and being held accountable by someone else.

  • Getting the right workout partner can help you work harder. If you're like most people, you'll put in the extra effort if you know someone else is watching.
  • Check with the gang at work. Sometimes insurance carriers even provide money to compensate for the cost of joining an exercise group or joining a gym.
  • If you've been having a rough time with the workout or not seeing the progress you want, a workout partner can help keep you going by either chiding you into it or lending a sympathetic ear with well placed encouragement.
  • Find someone as committed to getting healthy as you are. If your commitment lags a bit, choose someone that's focused on the task at hand to help keep you in line.

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