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Don't let the scale 'eff with you

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More than ever, people are coming to our gym with goals other than dropping some el bees on the scale.

It's a beautiful thing. Now I get...

“I want to be healthier”

“I want to be a better role model for my kids”

“I want to J Lo's booty and Jennifer Aniston's hair”

“I want to do 10 handstand push-ups naked on a hammock in a hail storm”

Those are AWESOME goals!

Unfortunately I don't think we've truly shaken the weight... eh, eh, shake weight, get it?


I'm not convinced... The above goals sound all groovy, but I think it's all smoke and mirrors...

Those same people are the ones stripping down buck naked and jumping on Tanita bc554

every. single. morning

How do I know? Because they tell me...

I get messages like this at least a couple times a week...

“Hey Justin, good news! I'm down .02lbs from yesterday. I think this whole not eating pop tarts after 10 could be a good thing!”

If that's you it's OK!

Own it :).

If you're weighing yourself every day it's because it's obviously important to you and if it's important to you it's important to me.


The scale can be unkind, like a cute little pit bull...

You kinda wanna go over and check it out, see how it's doing...

It seems to be in a good mood, but then you step on it...


All hell breaks loose and now you're doubled over in the corner, fetal position, crying “why me” like Nancy Kerrigan. (If you don't get that reference F U you're young and I hate you #sorrynotsorry) Is that still cool?

I digress. What I was saying is you freakin asked for it.

If you want to celebrate a number on a scale cool...

But promise me you'll also give yourself a pat on the back for these wins too...

Win #1

Better Movement / Control of Movement

When you're first starting off some of movements will feel foreign to you. Let's take a single arm dumbbell press for instance. You're laying on your back pressing a dumbbell on one side of your body from your shoulder to arms length over your chest. It's not uncommon to see beginners start to resemble a 2 year old with poopy diapers trying to get out of gettin their butt wiped - kinda uncomfortable and all over the place...

As you continue your journey, take notice of how much more coordinated you are. That's a WIN my friend. Let's have a margarita later 😉

Win #2

Improved Recovery Time

At Underground Athlete we use the MyZone system. At any time you can walk in and see a handful of names or nicknames on the TVs with some useful information. Let's take “Flax Muffin” for example. If you walk in during Flax Muffin's workout you'll see the percentage of his max heart rate in the center. You'll also see his calories burned, actual heart rate, and MEPS (points). When Flax Muffin started out he'd do 1 minute on the bike getting his heart rate up to 180 bpm and it would take 2 minutes for his heart rate to drop back to 65%, but now 1 minute on the bike gets his heart rate up to 180 bpm but he's back at 65% in less than a minute! Flax Muffin made some serious gains and he should celebrate these improvements in his vagal reactivation.

Win #3

Strength Gains

We use some pretty cool software at UA and if you look at your stats over time you'll notice something cool happening... You're using more weight than when you started. If you can see the trend you'll notice your reps going down month to month or week to week and with that you'll see the weight you used went up and up. When we come back to the original rep scheme say it's 3x12 you'll notice you can do those exercises with significantly heavier weights. So give yourself a pat on the back for an improved nervous system, more muscle mass and increased cross sectional area of muscle tissue. You're doing a fine job young lad and you just benched 200 12 times so who gives a shit if the number on the scale hasn't moved.

Win #4

Your Doctor Likes You Again

I can't tell you how many times I've had someone walk into my office looking like they just got asked to prom by the varsity quarterback because of their most recent doctors visit. If you've never had a bummer of a doctor's visit kudos to you, just wait. When I saw how relieved Anne was after her doctor told her her A1C is in normal range and she's no longer considered pre diabetic or how happy Ken was now that his cholesterol is down 100 points I wanted to throw a party. They should too! When you get news like that don't you dare step on the scale and let being up .2lbs rethink your whole fitness plan. You're Winning!

Win #5

You Can Scratch Your Back, Wash Your Feet, And Get Out Of Bed Without Pain

I think that pretty much speaks for itself but pay attention to how you feel. You can't help but notice every movement when you're in pain, but once you're not you kinda forget about it. If you're no longer in pain you're doing something right. Acknowledge it, give your coach a double low five, a pat on the tush if you're cool like that, and an extra referral 😉

And this all leads me to...

Win #5

Your Little Black Dress

You know the one...

It's been sitting in the back of your closet for the last 3 years collecting dust and empty promises.

Get brave. Go over to it, make some small talk and try that thing on.


Yes you did! Zipped that bad boy all the way up to the top without even an assist.

Game. Set. Match

Scale 0. Little Black Dress 1

Now let's celebrate by getting your hair and nails did and finding a good excuse to impress in that dress!

Wait. Good News...

I've got an event of you! May 19th 2018 we've rented a ballroom at the Marriott, hired a DJ, planned a dinner, got donations for silent auction from some amazing organizations like the Wizards, Caps, Redskins, Kendra Scott etc etc


As you may or may not know I recently lost my dad to melanoma cancer. Several other people of the gym are in similar situations. All proceeds of this event are going to help The Cancer Research Institute in their work with immunotherapy.

I'd love for you to join us. You can CLICK HERE for more information.

I've also talked a coach I know down in Florida to let me borrow her Little Black Dress Challenge. I would have written my own but ya know...

It's a little black dress challenge 😉

If you're interested in joining in on the 28 day challenge and celebrating afterward with a kick ass event for charity tell me your interested by signing up here

Oops! We could not locate your form.


The challenge will kick off officially next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading. Have an amazing weekend.

Rise up!


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