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Does Muscle Really Burn Fat

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Does muscle really burn fat? The answer is yes and no. One pound of muscle tissue requires about five to six calories a day to maintain at rest, while one pound of fat tissue requires just two calories at rest. Therefore, the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you'll burn even at rest. If you have ten pounds of muscle tissue, you'll burn an additional thirty to forty calories when you're resting. Of course, the amount isn't huge, but every little bit helps. However, building the muscle tissue is what really burns the calories.

Strength training turns your body into a fat burning machine.

You can do cardio all day long and never get the big results for weight loss that you get from strength training. Not only do you burn calories while you're working out, you keep burning calories after you've finished training. The body needs to the extra energy to help repair the muscle tissue. Combine it with other types of workouts for flexibility, cardio and balance and you'll burn calories long after you finished working out.

What you eat makes a huge difference.

You can't go to the gym, work out for a half hour to an hour and then stop at the local burger joint for fries, a burger and a malt and expect to shed pounds, particularly if that was your snack not your meal. You have to learn to eat healthier foods that are both lower in calories and higher in nutrition. It's not about dieting, it's about making smarter choices when it comes to foods. No matter how much muscle tissue you have, if you eat more calories than you burn you'll gain weight.

When you eat may or may not make a difference.

So many facts in the world of weight loss, nutrition and exercise come from scientific studies. However, there are also other scientific studies that contradict almost every one of the facts. One study shows that people who eat breakfast tend to lose weight easier than those who don't. However, another study shows that intermittent fasting, eating all your meals within an 8 hour time frame starting at 10, could be the way to shed pounds. The fact everyone agrees on is that when you eat fewer than 3500 calories than you burn, you lose weight, but eat 3500 calories more than you burn and you'll gain it.

  • Drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water is shown to help weight loss and if it's cold, it boosts the metabolism too.
  • Working out will help you shed pounds in other ways. It boosts your energy level so you'll be more active and that burns more calories.
  • Working out and building muscles has other benefits besides just weight loss. It helps prevent osteoporosis and can trigger the body to create more antioxidants.
  • If your goal is to look thinner, rather than just to lose weight, the more muscle tissue you have, the thinner you'll look even if you don't shed a pound. Muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue, so it weighs more per cubic inch.

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