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Do You Have A Summer Bucket List

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Everyone has special dreams and things they want to do in their lifetime, but those are often large long term goals. You'll get just as much satisfaction from life if you also create smaller ones you can achieve right now in just one season. Here are some ideas for a summer bucket list that you might want to add to your list that are fun, challenging and will make your summer special.

Start with getting fit.

Of course, you had to know that as a personal trainer, I would include that one at the top of the list. Even though we're on the last months of summer, it's not too late to start a program of fitness. Fitness programs are two fold. The first part is eating healthy, with the second half a program of regular exercise. Even though fitness programs are meant to be lifestyle changes, you can still dip your foot into the fitness waters this summer to get a taste of the wonderful benefits it brings. Many people sign up for boot camps to start their programs. In fact, we have a special 21 day program that can help you do just that. Once you get a sampling of how much fun working out with kettlebells can be and the rapid changes you'll see in your fitness level, you'll be hooked and ready for other physical challenges.

Is hiking through our beautiful area on your bucket list?

There are some beautiful areas to see and experience in Fairfax County and these could be great additions to your summer bucket list. The Cross County trail is one of them. It's not groomed, but it is maintained as a trail, allowing you to get a more vivid picture of our area before it was populated. Walking Burke Lake Park's trail or one of the segments of the Potomac Heritage trails could also be an exciting adventure. Make sure you're fit enough to tackle the workout, by getting your body ready first with a program of exercise.

You'll be glad you created a summer bucket list if you dive into creating healthy cuisine.

While working out and getting stronger is part of the picture, you need the right type of fuel to make your body operate at top performance. That's where healthy eating comes into the picture. Healthy eating isn't dieting, but making smarter decisions when it comes to food. It becomes almost addictive to find and test recipes that provide the maximum nutrients and least number of calories.

Having a summer bucket list will get you started on a more productive and active lifestyle. You'll tackle things that you might otherwise put off as a "some day" desire and experience more out of life than you otherwise might.

Even though I focus on fitness because it's my life's work and love, summer bucket lists can include mental things, like finally reading a classic or learning to play an instrument.

Your summer bucket list can include very specific things, such as losing weight and fitting into those skinny jeans that have been gathering dust on the shelf or in the drawer for several years.

Writing out the things you've always wanted to do is the first step to doing them. Set down and create a list of things and pick two or three to accomplish this summer.

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