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Back To School Workouts

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There was a time when school starting meant more "me" time for mothers. That's not true anymore. There are so many after school activities and many mothers also work, making the schedule even more hectic. Here are some back to school workouts that will save you time and can fit into almost any schedule. If you can't carve out the full half hour, try ten minutes at a time. The key is to get your heart racing and get moving for at least ten minute sessions. Even walking at a brisk pace will do.

Find a way to exercise that fits in the schedule.

Set an example and walk your child to school. Of course, this isn't possible if you have to go directly to work or live miles from the school, but a mile or two can make it happen. Put on your sneakers, comfortable clothing and give yourself extra time. If you're out of shape and it's over two miles, start walking with you child after school until you're ready for the big route all the way there or home. Don't just wait in the car for them while they're at ball practice, do some walking while you wait. Change into comfortable clothing before you arrive and spend that time getting your exercise. You may even know the other parents waiting and get them to join you.

Start early burning calories.

Getting just ten minutes in the morning can boost your metabolism for the day. It gets your circulation going and can give you the energy to get your day started. A ten minute workout means you have to do quick intervals with little or no break in between. Always start with stretches and warm up exercises, such as headrolls, shoulder rolls, windmills, hip rock, knee roll then move onto something more strenuous. You can use lunges, a mountain climber or other type of exercise that gets you breathing hard for a set of ten. Add squats and lunges-ten reps each. Do some ab exercises such as crunches, burbees, cradle rock and V-sits-all ten reps each moving rapidly from one to another. Finish it with running in place, jumping jacks and/or other aerobic style exercise.

Fill in with every day types of activities that will get you breathing hard.

If you've never tried to sprint up stairs, especially more than one floor, it's worth the effort if you want a good exercise. One small study included twelve women who lived a sedentary lifestyle. The study had them start by going up a staircase of 200 steps first, once a day and by the end of two months six times a day. The final result was that, although it only took 12 minutes to climb the steps (and ride the elevator down) they improved their fitness level and cholesterol level so much it lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 33 percent.

- Squeezing in ten to fifteen minutes of exercise can be done while watching television. Run in place while the program is on and get down and dirty, doing the tough stuff during commercial. If you watch a lot of TV, you'll be fit in no time.

- Have fun with the family. After school, enjoy some time with the kids. Whether you're shooting hoops or playing tag, all of you will get a workout.

- Carve out "me" time and workout at the gym at least three times a week. Getting time for yourself is important. We offer a 35 minute workout to keep it short and sweet, while getting the maximum results. This is the easiest way to get exercise because the plan is already laid out for you.

- Learn to use kettlebells. These are extremely efficient total body workouts that don't require a lot of time to maximize the benefit.

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