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9 Signs You Need To Run Out Of Your 6am Bootcamp Class

By April 22, 2018 May 14th, 2019 2 Comments

Gyms aren't just a place you go to get in shape anymore...

With the rise of this thing called the internet and more people choosing to work from home, we're losing a sense of community, belonging, and social interaction.

A good gym recognizes this and makes sure their culture and community is as good as the their workouts...

I've seen a handful of great coaches who couldn't make a living for one reason or another.

But I've seen even more bad coaches make a great living because they understood the importance of culture...

With all the boutique gyms sprouting up there's no excuse for not having both.

Maybe you love the people, the culture, and even the coaches, but most people don't know if they're getting a quality workout or not, they just judge by how visible their post workout sweat angel is or how hard it is to go to the bathroom the next day...

News flash, those aren't signs of a good workout! As I think Mike Boyle said "even a monkey can make you sore." If he didn't say that it sure sounds like something he would say so we'll go with it..

The following list is meant to help you judge your class a little better and stay clear of fitness shenanigans. Use this list as your litmus test..

The world of group training is a scary and unpredictable place. Stay vigilant and if you spot any of these signs I suggest you pack up your hydro flask and your go fasters and high tale it out of Bonnie's Bod-acious Bootcamp (no offense if that's really someone's business)

Without further adieu here's the list..

Here's Your Sign #1

You're “coach” is wearing a headset

Here's Your Sign #2

Your workout has a list of exercises that sound more like boxes of cereal.


Stay in class if you see something like...

Plank 3x30s

Goblet Squat 3x10

Push up 3x10

Walking Lunge 3x10

Run if you see something like...

Star Pops 3x30s

Power O's 3x10

Morning Delights 3x10

Mighty Twists 3x10

Here's Your Sign #3

If the class looks anything like a birthday party at Chucky Cheese...

You know what I mean?

Chaos, screaming, bodies all over the floor, and some girl surrounded by balls, hyperventilating, with snot running down her face.

Here's Your Sign #4

If you signed up for an hour long “tabata” class. Yeah, get out...

Here's Your Sign #5

If you see high rep Oly Lifts. Actually if you see or hear the term Oly Lifting just run.

Here's Your Sign #6

If half your workout is spent on a treadmill (run twice as fast if there's an instructor with a headset yelling at you to "get in the zone")

Here's Your Sign #7

If they call the class Bunz & Gunz

Here's Your Sign #8

If there's a designated garbage can set aside for the boot n rally

Here's Your Sign #9

If you have to wear stilettos or spin around a pole for any reason. Yes I'm sure it's hard and no I don't want to try it sometime. Save your guest pass. All I'm saying is it's probably something better to do on your own time and not in a group fitness class.

Well there you have it, I'm sure there's more but that's a good starting point. In all seriousness if you're doing something you love and it's not causing pain go for it. I'd never tell someone to not be active. I'm just saying you might want to explore other options if you you're looking for an intelligent, thought output, progressive training program because...


Find your people. Train Smart. Train Hard. Train Often

Rise Up.


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  • Angie says:

    Starbucks’ original strategy was based on becoming a person’s third place. Based on the concept that most Americans count home and work as their first two places but don’t have another place in the community to go. As I was reading this... it occurred to me that UA has become my third place and I suspect many others as well. (Looking forward to returning soon)

  • Nicholas Knowlton says:

    Agreed! Far too many people find themselves attracted to flashy gimmicks and almost cultish sensibilities found in a lot of group exercise settings. All too often, I see instructors and trainers feed off of people’s need to find community, at the expense of meaningful, results driven, exercise. That is not to say group and community support isn’t important, but it shouldn’t supersede each person’s path to finding intrinsic pleasure in fitness.

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