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 What Is Primal Living

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If you've never heard of the caveman diet, also called the Paleo diet, then primal living will be really confusing. The Paleo diet is a way of eating that mimics the way our ancestors ate, back in pre-agriculture days. Primal living takes that one step further and considers all facets of your life from the way you eat to where you spend your time or how you live your life.

Did caveman spend all day sitting at a computer or in front of a TV?

Of course, the answer is no. Our society has become enthralled with labor saving devices and social time is spent on social media or playing computer games. We now have jobs that require you to sit all day. All this sitting takes a toll on our bodies and leaves us prone to serious conditions and weight gain. Consider people who lived less than a century ago, before the advent of TV. Physical labor was part of their daily routine and entertainment consisted of dances, movies, but not very often, or the radio. They walked, ran and played hard, especially the children and were far healthier. Simply adding a half hour of exercise to your day may not be enough. Standing at work, moving frequently and getting active is important.

Don't hide from the sun, it has benefits to offer.

Yes! You can get skin cancer from overexposure to the sun. The operative work is overexposure. People with fair skin need to have protection from harmful rays, but not block them completely. They are they building blocks to the creation of vitamin D for the body. Slowly acclimating the body to sun exposure until the body can create a light tan and ensuring you have the right SPF sunscreen helps. Get the benefits, but avoid overexposure and burning.

Remember that not all fat is bad, even some saturated fat, according to primal living.

There's been a school of thought that stated it was sugar, not fat, responsible for the accumulation of fat in the arteries. At the time it was introduced, most nutrition experts scoffed at the idea. Cavemen ate fat and didn't get heart disease. In fact, some fats provide huge benefits. Even saturated fat offer some benefits and may be a good source of energy.

  • Going barefoot has made a comeback with primal living. If you've never walked through plush, thick grass in bare feet, you're missing out on the ultimate nurturing. Being barefoot also is healthier for the feet, but it may not go over well at the office or at a posh event.
  • Gluten may really be a culprit. Grain isn't part of the primal diet and grain contains gluten. Ancient forms of grain didn't contain as much. The processing of grain is also changed, which can cause many problems.
  • The Paleo diet is also supposed to heal leaky gut. At one time leaky gut was considered a joke, but like lactose intolerance, it's not being seriously considered as a problem by some in the medical community.
  • Spending more time in nature is part of primal living. There's no doubt about it, it will help you relax and appreciate all the beauty and wonder of the earth. The destressing and relaxation benefits your health.

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